1.Body massage can be a separate program or a component of other programs. An attractive girl gracefully slides her naked body according to yours. The combination of beautiful erotica with pleasant touch will make the massage truly unforgettable.

(30 min.) – 650 UAH

2. Foot-fetish Very experienced girl massages your body with her legs and feets bringing you to the relaxation.

(30 min.) – 850 UAH

3. Erotic massage 

(60 min.) – 1100 UAH (massage, 1 relaxation, mutual kisses, girl can wash you in a shower, if you wish)
(90 min.) – 1600 UAH (
massage, 2 relaxations, mutual kisses, girl can wash you in a shower, if you wish)

4. Lesbian show. Two beautiful tender fairies, fluttering like butterflies make your heart beat in a quickened rhythm. Lesbian show will give you truly unforgettable feelings, will cause a storm of positive emotions and fill you with inexhaustible energy.

(60 min.) – 1700 UAH (girls can wash you in a shower, if you wish)

Departure to the client. Transportation charges (taxi)

5. Krassava 

(90 min.) – 2800 UAH (massage, 3 relaxations, strip, mutual kisses, girl can wash you in a shower, if you wish)

6. VIP massage. Performed by two girls at the same time, this erotic massage can rightly be considered the quintessence of the services of our salon. Its elements are all the subtleties and seductive differences, all types of body massage performed in our salon.

2 girls, 2 relaxation, “master”, peep show, lesbian show, last 2 hours, + free whiskey and hookah.

(2 girls)  3700 UAH
(1 girl)
 – 2200 UAH

Departure to the client
 1700 UAH / hour (
2 relaxations, massage, kisses)+ Travel expenses (taxi) are taken into account

The rapid pace of life does not allow you to relax and live at your pleasure, because of which, in the future, the risk of many diseases increases. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to have free hours of fascinating leisure and find lost harmony. To allow this to be done only with such refined pleasure as erotic sensual massage Kiev. Massage itself is one of the most enjoyable and, at the same time, wellness procedures, but the erotic massage of cues cannot be compared with anything, because the touches of the abdomen, buttocks, back and lips also join the touches of the hands, which gives a truly unearthly pleasure. Who and when invented erotic massage is unknown. Some researchers believe that it is rooted in the countries of the East and ascribe such merit to the exquisite geisha of Japan, while others assume that ancient Rome can be considered its homeland. Be that as it may, but it is known for certain that erotic massage was discovered by real connoisseurs of sensual pleasures. At first, only the powerful of this world enjoyed it: the Arab sheikhs, Roman emperors, medieval monarchs, but today, the situation has changed dramatically and everyone can enjoy the erotic massage of cues, regardless of gender and age. Historically, a stereotype has formed that erotic massage is most suitable for men, but the fair sex will be able to appreciate all its advantages and become fans of this type of massage. In addition, erotic massage Kiev will enable many couples to avoid routine and routine, to return bright colors and new feelings to relationships, to ignite the flame of attraction and passion. Not without reason, scientists suggest that erotic massage is a whole waterfall of positive emotions and unknown sensations, it is not only pleasant for the body, but also good for the soul and health. Embodying your hidden erotic desires, this type of massage will not only allow you to abandon everyday worries and problems, but also significantly increase the energy potential, restore mental and physical strength, help overcome difficulties and decorate your reality with all kinds of shades of positive and happiness. Often, during this type of massage, aphrodisiacs and aroma oils are used, they include beautiful, relaxing music, which helps to tune in the right way and completely immerse yourself in relaxation. If you want to spend unforgettable leisure time and experience other sensual experiments, then we invite you to the “Red Light” salon, which offers a wide variety of erotic massage, including: classic, aromatic, foam, Thai, tantric and body massage. We value our customers, so we will provide each visitor with a unique program that meets all the needs and expectations of the customer. Kiev massage salon “Red Light” is open around the clock, 7 days a week.

Attention!!! We do not provide services of an intimate nature.